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ALEXANDRIA — A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a Battle Lake man charged with felony theft.

The warrant was issued after Cole George Leroy Michelson, 25, failed to appear for a hearing at Douglas County District Court on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Two previous warrants for Michelson’s arrest were issued and recalled in the case.

Michaelson is accused of attempting to steal $1,744.43 worth of merchandise from Target in Alexandria in January 2022, the statement of probable cause read.

Michaelson allegedly went to the video game section with his own magnetic key to unlock the games from their cases, the statement read.

Michaelson allegedly opened 33 Nintendo Switch video game keepers and selected food, deodorant and other items from the store, but was not successful in taking them, the statement read.

Man charged with felony check forgery asks for speedy trial

An attorney for a Maplewood man charged with aiding and abetting felony check forgery and felony check forgery has filed a demand for a speedy trial.

Kenneth Paul Achterling, 35, is accused of writing at least seven checks using a checkbook that did not belong to him, according to the statement of probable cause.

A man reported this checkbook as having gone missing at the Menards location in Alexandria, the statement read.

These checks were used at area Walmarts, including those in Alexandria, Sauk Centre, Forest Lake and Saint Croix Falls.

The total amount that was used was $2,527.42, the statement read.

Video surveillance at the stores revealed Achterling as the one who used the checkbook, although he was in the company of a female at one of the stores, the statement read.

Charges dropped in BB-gun assault case

Felony robbery, burglary and assault charges have been dismissed against an Alexandria man who was accused of allegedly shooting another man in the face with a BB-pistol during a robbery.

Elijah Michael Lang-Travis, 20, was convicted of felony possession of a firearm by a prohibited person in another case in Douglas County District Court, while charges in four other cases were dropped against him.

Lang-Travis will be committed to the correctional facility in St. Cloud for 60 months, with 149 days credit for time served on the firearm charge. He must also pay $235 in various fees.

Although the charges related to it are being dismissed, the ability to file for restitution in Lang-Travis’s assault case is open for 30 days, according to court documents.

According to the statement of probable cause, on the afternoon of Aug. 15, 2022, Lang-Travis allegedly entered an apartment on Elm Street without permission and shot one of the occupants in the face with a BB pistol, breaking the skin on the bridge of his nose.

One of the other occupants said Lang-Travis had called earlier and said he was going to empty all of their pockets, the statement read.

The second occupant stated he started to grab a knife to protect himself and was yelling at Lang-Travis to leave the residence, at which point Lang-Travis ran away, the statement read.

When the second occupant went outside to get his bike he saw Lang-Travis riding away on it, the statement read.

The occupant who was shot in the face accused Lang-Travis of being on meth, the statement read.

That evening, Lang-Travis was observed on the bike by a law enforcement officer, the statement read. Lang-Travis entered a residence on Elm Street, where he is known to live, and locked the door behind him, the statement read.

Other officers arrived and made a perimeter around the residence while a search warrant was applied for, the statement read. Inside the house, Lang-Travis was alleged to have a knife, the statement read.

Eventually, he came to the door and was taken into custody, the statement read.

After the search warrant was approved, officers found a black Powerline Daisy BB gun with a .177 caliber BB, the statement read.

Lang-Travis had been charged with one count of first degree aggravated robbery, two counts of first degree burglary and second degree assault, all of which are felonies.

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